Hey, this is Abhijit Ramesh

I'm a developer, I live mostly on the internet learning and building solutions using Machine Learning otherwise I would be working out or attending classes. The best feeling in the world for me is when my code comes to life to serve purpose and make the lives of others easy.

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Part 2 : Learning Hands-on Machine Learning with Scikit-learn Keras and Tensorflow

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Notes on End to End Machine Learning

Part 1 : Learning Hands-on Machine Learning with Scikit-learn Keras and Tensorflow

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Notes on The Machine Learning Landscape

Part 1 : Following along MIT intro to deep learning

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An Intro to Deep Learning


Semantic Similarity

Semantic Similairy

State of the art implementation of sematic similarity using T5 using SNLI corpus of Stranford.

table QA


AI Tool for querying natural language on tabular data. TableQA uses huggingface transformers under the hood

Psycic CCTV

Psycic - CCTV

A video analysis tool which can analyse low quality video from CCTV footage which can enhance video quality using super resolution. The tool also provides features to extract objects using YOLO and split background audio to do forensics


Mifos Mobile CN

Client-facing banking app on top of Apache Fineract CN. This app provides banking services to places in the world that are underbanked.



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    Completed TreeHacks 🤩

    This is really exciting for me, TreeHacks is hosted by Stanford one of my favourite universities with cutting Edge AI research.

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    Hack the North 2020 ✅

    Got selected for Hack the North 2020. What a good way to start the year.

  • 2020

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      Completed InOut 7.0 📦

      Finishing off this year with a submission to InOut 7.0, This is my second InOut and still one of the best Hackathons I have attended (trust me I have attended many), well managed and they managed to keep it fun even in Online mode. Cheers team InOut 🥂

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      Moving to NLP 🤭

      Recently I am very excited by Natual language processing, started working on tableQA an AI tool for querying natual langauge on tabluar data.

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      Invited to attend mentor summit for google Summer of Code 2020 💯

      Generally only a few mentors are invited to this event, all thanks to COVID-19 this time all mentors are invited to the event.

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      Completed Nano Degree 🏆

      Completed deep learning nanodegree, this is just the beginning and I have yet to learn a lot.

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      Got Selected for HackMIT 🥳

      This was the second time I applied for HackMIT, last time I was rejected felt really bad but decided to figure out what we were missing out, It was stupid decision to optmize myself for clearing an application but In the process I was mostly improving myself. Lesson learned is to keep learning always and improve yourself.

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      Got Selected for Pytoch Hackathon 🥳

      Started building Psychic CCTV, I have high hopes for this project took a problem I faced in real life and solving the same.

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      Selected for AI Summer School

      Got selected for AI summer school by singapore AI.

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      Participating in HackKP

      Building an application using Deep Learning to classify android application as benign or malicious.

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      Mentoring for Google Summer of Code 🕴️

      Mentored for the Mifos Mobile CN project, a reference mobile banking app on top of the ApacheFineract CN architecture, which allows a client to securely authenticate against the micro services architecture and interact with his/her accounts. Guided and helped in implementing Open BankingAPIs on top of WS02 API Gateway.

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