My Gear

These are some of the Tech that I use and love, It may not be the greatest and best but it gets the job done and I am proud of what I own so much that sometimes it feels like they are a part of me. 🤖

Computer / Office

  • 16" Macbook Pro (2020)
  • Sony MDR-XB650BT
  • Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1000
  • Dell KB216 Wired Multimedia Keyboard


  • Editor: Jetbrains [WebStorm, Android Studio, PyCharm] (Yup I'm fancy like that 😜), Jupyter Notebook
  • Languages: Python, Kotlin, Dart, Java
  • Theme: Just Dark
  • Terminal: Iterm / fish

Other Tech

  • OnePlus 6T Mclaren
  • Mi Band 4